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Getting an accurate solar power quote doesn’t have to be difficult. By providing our team with a few key details, we can send you a personalised quote on the solar power system you’re after.


$0 down finance loans & battery incentives available.

Our team of experts have installed systems in Australian homes and businesses for decades. You can rely on this experience. Whether it’s a complete solar system installation, or just the panels or battery, we can find the best solar energy solution for your property.

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Affordable Solutions to Solar Energy All Over Brisbane

Your solar power needs are unique. And so is your budget. That’s why our team take the time to understand your situation to ensure we find an affordable solution.

The solar power quotes we provide are based on needs and your budget.From large commercial warehouses to small urban homes, we can arrange a solar power quote to suit your situation. Our team is proud to deliver the best solar power systems from Hervey bay, Queensland, down to Northern Rivers, New South Wales


Home or Commercial Solar Energy

Running a home or successful business requires smart energy. Thankfully, if you have a roof, you can utilise solar power. Pedleys Solar has worked with thousands of residents and businesses to deliver the right solar package that powers their individual energy needs.

For businesses where dependable energy is critical – and who want to lower their carbon emissions – we can match a high-capacity battery and solar system. For homeowners simply looking to save on their power bill, we can find the right setup to maximise the savings for your family.