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Solar Power Finance Options

Solar Power Finance Options


0% Interest Payment Plans

We want your solar investment to be as simple and affordable as possible, so we’ve partnered with Brighte. Brighte shares our passion for helping Australian families access renewable energy. And their handy payment plan can help finance your brand new solar system.

  • 0% interest, always
  • Paid back between 6 – 60 months
  • Available for purchases from $1,000 – $30,000.
Residential Electrician


Residential Electrician

Since 1978, the Pedleys Solar team has worked as residential electricians around Brisbane and Ipswich. Now, after 40 years of serving our local communities, we’ve become the go-to service for:

  • Air conditioning
  • General power
  • Data
  • Television
  • Solar Power

Every Pedleys Solar electrician has the training, experience and tools to tackle whatever your home needs. We’re always up to date on residential electrical technology and relevant licences and accreditations, so you get the best possible service available.

Commercial Electrician


Commercial Electrician

Reliable electricity is vital in business. That’s why our team of commercial electricians are always available. Whether you need assistance with your data systems, general lighting, or with testing your equipment, Pedleys Solar can help.

We provide safe, quality and personalised solutions for any commercial-grade electrical system issue. And with our 24-hour emergency response service, we’ll be there to fix the toughest problems in the darkest hours.

Solar Rebates


Solar Rebates

If you need assistance with a commercial-grade electrical system, it’s crucial to seek help from professionals with the right skills and experience.

Our commercial electricians specialise in large-scale systems, so you can be confident in their recommendations.

Know More About SolarPower Finance Options

In Australia, the Federal Government has come up with various finance packages through the Solar Credits Scheme. The aim is to make solar a goal that can be easily attained by those who are unable or unwilling to pay for outrightfull system costs. Various solar power finance options are available as a tailored package that suits precisely residential and commercial solar plant system needs and current requirements. This includes Solar Home Equity Loan, Unsecured Solar Loan, and Commercial Finance Packages. 

While checking out these packages, it is imperative to note that users must steer clear of “No Interest Ever” or“Interest-Free” schemes or solar payment plans as this is highly misleading. In reality, there is no such scheme.

Residential Solar Power Finance Packages

With monthly utility bills growing at an alarming pace, there is an increase in the number of people who are attracted to Solar PV Systems.Government Incentives are also making it an attractive perspective for households. With the latest battery storage technology available, home owners have total control over the energy costs and consumption and can even go completely “off-grid”. 

Solar Finance is a very skilled and technical area of expertise. Pedleys bring you the best advise and information on solar power finance options in energy-related and PV Solar products. Our team is specialised in solar energy loans and can help homeowners get the best finance option that helps them to go “solar.”

Commercial Solar Power Finance Packages

With growing concern about soaring electricity costs, many Australian business owners are increasingly looking at solar power as the best option to meet their energy requirements. They have a unique opportunity with energy-efficient, battery storage, and solar power innovations. Using this technology, they can eliminate or reduce energy costs to a significant extent.

Get in touch with our solar finance experts at Pedleys and get the best guidance.

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