All About Solar


Whats holding you back?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to Solar and a lot of fear around making the wrong the decision… Who do I go with ? Who do I trust? Will it do what they say it will?

That’s why we put together this special page to help you short cut the bullsh#t and skip right to the good stuff..we want you to save money! Stop wasting time and lets jump into it! Here are the top 7 things that HOLD PEOPLE BACK…

How much do you really save and how?

The common roadblock for a lot of people is accepting the belief that a small investment on a 6.6kw system will equate to over $50,000+ in savings over the life of the panels!

On average a family draws 20 to 25kWh per day from the grid…does it not make sense to generate your own electricity ? A 6.6kw system will generate on average 25 to 30 kWh per day…it’s a no brainer right? Our clients on average save $2000 per year…year after year…after year and yes that amount increases as electricity prices increase!

What did Colin & Teresa have to say about Pedleys?

  • Pedleys were $1,000 cheaper than other competitors.
  • Their neighbours used Pedleys before and were very pleased with their services.
  • They have over 40 years’ experience in the industry.
  • The quality of their workmanship was evident.

And, most of all…

  • They saved over $500 on their first power bill.

Ready to start saving? BUY NOW with our $49 deposit and amazing green loans that save you money!

We have tailored green loans that actually save you money!

how you ask?

The solar system works by saving you on average $40 per week! The green loan is as low as $24 therefore generating extra cash for your pocket!

You’re being screwed and solar is now a commodity.

A common question for many people is…How did it get like this anyway? Why are we being charged more for electricity than any other country?

Check out this video I made in 2017:

Interesting fact: The average bill in 2017 was $1,500 per year.
For some, it was $1,500 per quarter.

Here are some industry secrets behind the costs:

  • 48% goes to infrastructure (poles, wires, etc)
  • 24% is the company’s charges
  • 22%is the generation cost
  • 7% is your environmental charges

Have you had enough?

You can see why we only have limited spots available and line ups out the door to secure this amazing deal from only $49! Everyone has just had enough. Take control of your power bill today FOREVER!

Who do I choose?

Every day a solar company in Australia closes it doors and thousands of Aussie home owners lose their warranty….Here is a quick video to help you avoid becoming another statistic.

  • Choose an Australian owned and operated Electrical Company…key word ‘Electrical’ do not buy from a solar sales company! 90% of ALL the complaints made to the ACCC came from solar sales companies for example Euro Solar , Earth Save, True Value Solar hear how these are all solar companies? Only purchase solar from electrical companies like Pedleys we are a family owned electrical company! When the government rebates drop, the sales companies will be gone! Electrical companies will be around for Everrrrrr and Everrrrr! Hehe
  • Choose a company that has been conducting solar longer than 12 months ! Pedleys Electrical has been around since 1978 with over 42 years experience!
  • Check out bad reviews as well as good reviews! Hear how a company deals with its mistakes!

I want to secure my value packed system with a reputable company today

Over 6000+ Systems Installed - Rated 4.7 Stars By Our Clients On

Solar is a journey not a destination…

At Pedleys we get it ! There is so much to discover when it comes to Solar Power that’s why we hold your hand and take you through every step of the way providing expert advice from our friendly team of licensed electricians without any sales crap!

Find out how you can get solar for FREE by watching this clip

Ready to come on a journey with us?

Is Solar right for me?

So many Aussie home owners ask us every day...is solar right for me? So instead of hearing about it from us why not listen to some true blue aussies that made the switch already?

Want to join them and start saving money today? Secure your deal we currently have a 3 week lead time do not waste another day…there is a reason why over 6000 people have chosen Pedleys and we have maintained a 4.7 rating on google.

I want to join

We are Offering a

$2,000 cash back if there is a credit on your post installation bill

Still Unsure About Solar?

What if it doesn’t work?
What if I don’t save anything ?
How can I trust you?

Pedleys is the only company out there providing a CASH BACK guarantee! That’s right if there is no solar credit applied to your next power bill we will give you $2000 cash back, no questions asked. We have completed over 6000 installations now across Australia, so there is not a lot we have not seen.

Pay your deposit today to secure the 2019 prices from last year rebates! We only have a handful to give out so please get in quick!

How does solar work anyway?

Did you know that the sun generates around 3 trillion watts of power every day? Its there for FREE why not use it?

I created this simple video a few years ago to help you understand how solar works:

  • Sunlight penetrates the solar panels.
  • The light stimulates electrons.
  • Electrons generate DC power.
  • DC power goes to the inverter.
  • The inverter converts the DC to AC.

Now, you have FREE power.

So what's HOLDING YOU back?
Save money and help the environment by making the switch TODAY.

With that all said and done how would you like to secure your system today for only $49 YES that’s right you can lock in a free system through our partner rate setter with a special Green loan! Where the solar saves you $40 per week and the repayments are as low as $24 each week!

Click BUY NOW to secure your system today! We only have limited units available!

Or you can pay the $49 today and secure your self an unbeatable DEAL!

What happens with my $49 deposit? What will I get?

Included is:

  • Pedleys 25 year award winning installation warranty upgraded from 10 years (value $2,200)
  • 21 x 315w Akcome Mono self cleaning all BLACK panels with 25 year warranty upgraded from 275w Poly panels (value $4,800)
  • 1 x 5kw New 2020 model Growatt Inverter with extended 10 year warranty and built in WIFI monitoring (value $1900)
  • 1 x 6.6kw Titan Anodized Racking and mounting upgraded to 25 years warranty (value $1,400)
  • Last years 2019 rebate price (DISCOUNT $3,960)
  • Total value $10,260  Special discounted price to you is $4391 (90 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back)

10 Reasons WHY people choose Pedleys: 

  • We are CEC Approved Installers
  • We are an Australian owned family electrical business est 1978 with no funny sales tactics just straight up facts and knowledge
  • We have completed over 6000 installations and maintained 4.7 stars on Google and FB 
  • We have a full time customer care team answering the phone to take your after sales queries or technical questions 24/7 to ensure your system runs 365
  • We have a  FULL TIME solar technician working around the clock to service warranty calls/ follow ups  or onsite set up issues ( I have learnt that a lot of the big players use sub contractors to conduct your installation, these companies very rarely leave cash in the budget to re-attend properties leaving your service call to fall on deaf ears)
  • All our contracts are abiding by ACCC rules and regulations ensuring our clients have the right to pull out or opt for a full refund if what we promise does not deliver. 
  • We only use quality parts that have a heavy Australian presence to ensure fast response times
  • We offer a $2000 cash back guarantee, if by your post solar installation bill there is no solar credits applied we will pay you the cash no questions asked 
  • We have $20 million Insurance for public liability and defects (industry standard is 10)
  • We offer a $150 referral cash back also! Ask me how

Once you are happy with everything all you need to do is:

  • Sign the signature page from the proposal
  • Send us a photo of your switchboard (so we can ensure it is compliant and there are no nasty surprises on day of install)
  • Pay your deposit if you are buying outright

If you’re wanting to finance your system, a green loan through our partner Rate Setter, is as low as $24 p/week click this link to get approved in minutes:


What happens next?

After we receive your $49 deposit you will be contacted within 60 minutes to organise your Clean Energy Council solar PV system design over the phone.

This normally takes around 7 to 9 minutes.

After we get off the phone you will receive the proposal for your perusal to get final approval from all decision makers!

If you are choosing the greenloan you will receive the application!

Once you happy please sign and return back to us along with a photo of your switchboard to get the ball rolling.

As you can imagine WE ARE GETTING smashed with enquiries this is why we respond very quickly and expect the same from you.

If you have any questions please email us at support@pedleys.com.au where your questions will be answered straight away!

6000+ Systems Sold

40 years' experience

Energy savings guarantee*

12 day installation

Professional solar advice

Lifetime warranty