The Story Behind Pedleys Solar

The Story Behind Pedleys Solar

by Aaron Ware

A lot can happen in 42 years – like a father-and-son business growing into a national company. That’s the story behind Pedleys Solar (ABN 46 480 484 736). We look back over the decades at the key events that shaped Pedleys Solar below.

So, where did it all start?

A Father and Son

In 1978, while John Travolta was strutting to the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive, Neil Pedley started his own trades business. He established Pedleys Electrical in Ipswich to service his community’s appliances and air conditioning.

His mission statement was simple and became the unbreakable core of the business: Quality Work at Reasonable Rates.

Even as the Pedleys Solar ABN changed over time, that mission statement stayed the same.

With his son, Joe, as his first apprentice, the duo served their clients throughout Ipswich and their surrounding cities. And in 2012, Joe took the reins from his father and set his sights on growth.

Changing the business from sole trading to a company enterprise, everything shifted. Joe grew the company from one man to five staff, and increased their services to include a hot new product: solar.


Stepping Up a Gear

After nearly 40 years from starting the business with his dad, Joe decided to pass on the business to Aaron Ware in 2016. Aaron had his own history as a sparkie. He’d also spent years working in upper management for big mining companies like Origin Energy. With his trade skills and experience as a quality supervisor, he put his expertise to work within the Pedleys business.


A New Pedleys Solar ABN (but the Same Quality Service)

In a couple of years, Aaron grew the handful of staff to be over 50 staff – from office admin, engineers, roofers, apprentices to expert CEC solar installers. The company scattered offices all over Australia, settling in all around QLD, NSW and VIC. With a new Pedleys Solar ABN and the old mission statement (set by Neil), Pedleys has become a leader in the renewable energy sector. Especially in dominating the solar power Brisbane space.

Over 60,000 solar panel installations have now been completed, saving Australians millions on power bills. And with a maintained 4.7 star rating on Google, Neil’s legacy for ‘quality’ and ‘value’ is still kept at the heart of the company.

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