Pedleys Recognised By Australia’s Most Prestigious Council

Pedleys Recognised By Australia’s Most Prestigious Council

by Aaron Ware

Not many companies accomplish this feat.

To be certified by two major councils… Including the Clean Energy Council!

Being accredited by the CEC gifts Pedleys the ability to provide clients with confidence and reassurance…

That our business will act in compliance with relevant federal and state laws and regulations,

And conduct our business in a professional and ethical manner.

Get to know The Code that we have signed to strictly abide by,

Before making your final decision on which company will guide you through your solar journey!


Pedleys has been commemorated for our outstanding determination to create a green future!

We have been identified by our peers as a company that is always providing the most affordable, reliable and sustainable energy systems for Aussies nationwide!

Which has resulted in the Energy Efficient Council (EEC) accrediting Pedleys Solar as an EEC council member!

What Does This Mean For Pedleys?

Right now Pedleys can be identified globally as reputable, trusted and reliable solar company…

Across all metrics of our business!

We will push with the EEC towards:

Establishing energy management as the pre-eminent measure for carbon mitigation,

Building the market for energy management products and services,

And ensuring that energy management is implemented with excellence and accountability.

What Does This Mean For Our Pedleys Members?

All Pedleys Members can expect a world class service that creates a stress free solar journey!

This includes:

+ Sending affordable quotes with all appropriate, must have legal details included.

+ Strictly only providing accurate information and living up to all of our made promises.

+ Performing a prompt and professional solar system installation.

+ Deeply explaining the details of the new solar system to the customer:

  • How to read your inverter
  • Details on entire system
  • How to use the monitoring software
  • Pedleys customer support details and procedures

+ Providing Pedleys Members with fantastic customer aftercare

+ Follow up calls to confirm that the system is performing optimally and they are aware of all details needed.

What Is Next?

Now that Pedleys is accredited by two major Australian Councils.

You can rest assure that our service and our solar systems performance will be second to none.

To experience a solar journey with a company who is backed by Australia’s most trusted councils

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