Is My Roof Suitable for Solar Panels

Is My Roof Suitable for Solar Panels

by Aaron Ware

The short answer: yes, most likely. Most Aussie rooftops are capable of supporting an efficient solar array. But there are many factors at play that affect its solar efficiency. Our experts break down the factors below to help you determine how suitable your home is.

Roof Space and Stability

While more panels means more energy collected, the amount of panels you can install depends on the available space on and strength of your roof. A standard 6kW system usually requires 20 panels that cover up around 40m2 of roof space – this is better suited to medium and large homes. 

While it’s important to get roof measurements, it’s also handy to work out your current energy usage to determine how much solar power you’ll need in the first place.

Even though solar arrays can weigh hundreds of kilograms, they’re still suitable for many roof types – even tiled. During most installations, a railing system is mounted onto stainless steel brackets that are fitted to your roof rafters. The solar panels are then secured onto the rails. This spreads the weight across the whole system.

The Direction of the Sun

When finding the best panel orientation, look north. An Australian roof that faces north has consistent sun exposure during the day. This gives your panels more time to soak up that golden sun. And while you still can collect a lot of solar energy with panels facing east, west – and even south – their efficiency can be considerably less.

The Best Angles

As rooftops can be dangerous to access, solar panels are installed at an angle so they can self-clean. Any roof slope that’s lower than 10° won’t be able to effectively clean itself. The traditional roof pitches in Australia are either 15° or 22.5°, so you should be fine.

Have a flat roof? No worries. Some solar panels can be secured to angled mounts.

Spotting Shade

If you live next door to a tall building or have a large tree towering above, you’ll probably get a lot of shade. Shadows and fallen leaves that cover panels can significantly decrease your solar efficiency.

Still not sure if your rooftop is suitable for solar? We can help. At Pedleys, we’re experts in efficient solar panel installations. We’ll be able to determine your home’s suitability and advise on which solar system is best.

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