How To Spot A Real Solar Company

How To Spot A Real Solar Company

by Brock Styles

How often do public reviews influence your decision making?

Would you rather go to a restaurant that has 3 stars or 5 stars on google?

You can be certain that a mechanic that has 5 stars on google will have more customers than a mechanic with 2 stars.

This is why when choosing which solar company will walk you through a solar system installation…

It is also important to inspect their reviews!

After 42 years in the electrical business… Pedleys Solar have hundreds of reviews for you to read.

The following reviews are directly copied from our real Pedleys Solar Google page.

This is our most recent review…

(5 Star)

“We had a great experience with Pedleys Solar. We were lucky enough to get one of the last spots for 2020 and get the Solar Rebate in and Pedleys did everything they could to make sure it was installed on time. Despite rain hampering initial efforts, communication was very clear about when we would have solar installed. After installation, the great service kept on coming. We had a call the next day to check on our solar and mentioned we couldn’t connect to the WiFi inverter. Pedleys made sure a technician called me and walked through the process and even when we thought we couldn’t connect it, they offered to send someone out to fix it up for us. I can not recommend Pedleys Solar enough. Very professional, very good communication, and best of all, a very competitive price (half the price of another quote with the same solar panels and a better inverter!) If I could give more than 5 stars I would”


You will see many of these 5 star reviews on our Google reviews

The reviews section also allows Pedleys Members to point out areas where we can improve.

Such as this 4 star review…

(4 Star)

“Once they got here, very good. Not quite enough communication between office and purchaser when their tradesmen get caught up on another job”


Frequently, Customers are so impressed with a specific Pedleys team members service and professionalism that they leave a review that mentions the outstanding service from a specific team member.

Such as this 5 star review…

(5 Star)

“I am extremely happy with the service I received from Pedleys, I am especially impressed with their consultant Krista who made the whole experience so easy and stress free. Her professionalism and commitment to providing me with the best system suited to my situation was exemplary, thank you so much KRISTA.”

To find out for yourself why we have been recommended by hundreds of Aussies nationwide…

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