How To Play It Safe When Going Solar

How To Play It Safe When Going Solar

by Aaron Ware

When taking the step and going solar it is important that you can distinguish the real from the fake!

But how do you do that?

Read these tips and tricks on how to play it safe when going solar!


The main people involved in your solar installation journey are the solar retailer, designer and installers.

Sometime these roles are filled by one individual which is not uncommon when it is a small retailer.

However, you could expect two or three different people involved when doing working with medium-large sized companies.

Many solar PV retailers in the industry now sell systems directly to consumers and subcontract the installation of those systems


When you feel it is time to finally start saving money and you are ready to cut those costs once and for all.

Make sure you go with a reputable company with proven experience!

You should find out things like…

How long have they been in the solar industry?

And whether they are an established company that will be around in the future if things go wrong!

Do their warranties and workmanship guarantees cease is the company goes out of business?

It is important that you contact the installer, don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you may think are silly!

And Lastly, make sure there is a clear plan developed and explained thoroughly during a face to face consultation or over the phone.


The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct helps consumers choose a retailer that has committed to offer a high level of quality and service.

Selecting an Approved Solar Retailer is one way to make sure you will be dealing with a company that prides itself on being an industry leader. Approved Solar Retailers:

• Provide a five-year whole of system warrants

• Use ethical sales practices• only use Clean Energy Council accredited installers

• Meet the very high standards of the Code of Conduct The Solar Retailer Code of Conduct has been authorized by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Companies that have signed on to the code can be identified by the ‘Approved Solar Retailer’ logo

It is important that you conduct thorough research before making your final decision

On which solar company to use!

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