Has Solar Power Been Worth It In 2020?

Has Solar Power Been Worth It In 2020?

by Aaron Ware

This year, nothing seems certain…

What happens today could be completely different tomorrow!

However, for the past 9 months it has been a thrill to watch the significant swings in renewable energy installations across the country.

This article will look back on this year so far and we will evaluate…


Has solar power really been worth it?

Well, Let’s Just Look At How Many Installs We Have Had This Year

‍From the start of 2020 to Spring 2020 there has been more PV installed so far in the first 9 months…

Than the first 9 months of any previous year.

‍In fact, there has been more solar installed in the first 9 months of this year than the whole of 2019.

So as you can see… Not even a global health pandemic can slow down the significant growth of the Australian PV industry.

‍As of right now, the rise of solar power is growing at astonishing rates across Australia that were previously labelled ‘impossible’.


Were There Any Impacts Of COVID On Australian Solar At All?

‍Well, COVID brought a blast of STC creation in April, which partnered with a summer filled with bushfires that raised many concerns with locals, Pleading to find strategies to reduce their ecological footprint.


The urgency to start producing clean, renewable energy for a very affordable price was developed and Aussie homeowners instantly began reaping in the rewards!

The growth of solar PV decelerated slightly in May (during the middle of the crisis). However, rapidly began to grow again due to the majority of Australians working from home or conducting renovations on their homes and gardens.

It is speculated that due to many Aussies working from home, it has increased the need to reduce power bills as most families are consuming more electricity than ever before!

And could the rumor’s be true?… Could working from home be the new norm? If so, solar power on residential properties must become an essential asset to every household.

So, the question everyone has been wondering…

Has Solar Power Still Been Worth It In 2020!

I believe Solar power has helped thousands of families across the nation pull through during this challenging time by providing the resources to cut bill costs.

It can be concluded that solar panels are ‘recession proof’ and are a form of financial security.

Solar power has so been worth it!


What Can We Look Forward To In 2021?

‍Well, a fresh start is the main thing most Aussies are looking forward to!

Although, in regards to solar power, it is simply too tough to tell where PV solar is headed next year!

However, saying that, it is important that we do not anticipate that the market will dramatically drop at anytime.

We are excited to see most domestic market growth in both PV solar batteries and electric vehicles, as these items will most likely become cheaper and easier to access, most residents will be able to install solar for the most affordable prices ever recorded.

Pedleys Solar have been here for 42 years and every day we collectively raise the industry standards and improve the solar game one Aussie family at a time.

Just like solar panels…Pedleys Solar is ‘recession proof’

Start your solar power journey today!

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