Australia Breaks Another World Record

Australia Breaks Another World Record

by Brock Styles

In Australia, we don’t always break world records, but when we do… We go big!

Recently, the rise of solar power has been responsible for Australia being globally recognised as an official big player in the world renewable energy industry.

The significant growth of solar power was a surprise to no one as the rising electricity costs during COVID-19 saw home and business owners across the country jump at the chance to utilise the benefits of solar power to combat the uncontrollable rise in essential power bills.

In 2020, national energy usage rose by 105%, this was a result of remote work, at-home learning and heaters.

This lead to homeowners experiencing that uneasy feeling every billing period… The feeling of ‘How are we going to get through it this time?”

There was no other choice but to find a more sustainable, cost efficient energy solution.

I am sure almost every homeowner had this conversation…

…“Let’s just have a look at solar”

But once Covid is ‘over’ everything will go back to the way it was right?…Right?

I am proud to reveal that the solar trend is well and truly here to stay!

Back in the day, Brisbane solar panels were commonly known for only being for wealthy people or being infamously unreliable.

But today, Brisbane solar power has solidified itself as a common energy source in potentially all households.

In fact, the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor has announced a milestone that millions of Aussies have contributed towards.

Last week, Taylor revealed that Australia now has “The highest amount of solar capacity in the world”.

To put that into perspective… More than a quarter of all Australian homes have chosen to have a solar system installation on their rooftops!

He also stated that the Clean Energy Regulator estimated that a jaw dropping and record breaking 7 Gigawatts of renewable energy capacity was installed during 2020.


Why is the trend going to continue?

Some of us take for granted the abundance of sunshine that we have at our disposal.

Homeowners lick their lips at the thought of never having to pay an electricity bill for the next 25 years!

With solar power in Australia… The opportunities are endless with an unlimited capacity for home and business owners to store power during peak periods, especially in locations where tropical storms create mass black outs… *cough* Queensland *cough*…


Why is now the time to install solar panels in Australia

Thanks to the STC solar incentives, you can receive up to $7000 off your brand-new Brisbane solar systems…

Please note that these incentives are drastically reducing every year.

However, Thanks to Pedleys Solar… We are offering a 25 year workmanship warranty and $0 upfront options on all of our solar systems in 2021!

Click here to speak to one of our solar specialists about Brisbane solar power.

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