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Pedleys Solar has been providing energy-saving solutions for Toowoomba residents and businesses for more than 40 years. We have the experience and skills to complete any solar project – from designing personalised residential systems to installing large commercial arrays
Solar Power Experts Toowoomba


Solar Power Benefits

Keeping your home or business running strong in Toowoomba requires plenty of power. But power bills are a huge cost. However, investing in solar gives you access to consistent green energy that’s totally free. This worry-free electricity will flow for decades. The benefits include:

Reduced Power Bills

By using electricity you generate, you won’t spend as much on energy bills. And with the feed-in tariff, those bills will be heavily reduced.

Solar is Eco-Friendly

All solar panels really need to work is sunlight. They don’t use any type of fossil fuel to produce electricity – lowering your carbon emissions.

Easy Energy

Once your solar panels are placed on your roof, they’ll do their job on their own. All you need to do is enjoy the savings from your reduced power bills.

Our Services

Pedleys Solar provides all the solar services you need – from installing solar panels at your Brisbane property to creating detailed energy audits. Discover all of our services below.

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