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Looking to make the most of all that sunshine? Pedleys Solar can help. Our expert team has provided solar power solutions to countless Sunshine Coast residents and businesses. And we’d like to help you with your solar project by designing a solar system that suits your unique needs.
Solar Power Sunshine Coast


Solar Power Sunshine Coast Benefits

There’s a lot that needs power during the day on the Sunshine Coast – the air con particularly. Installing solar panels means you can keep electricity flowing through your office or home, without stressing about your next energy bill. So what are the main benefits of solar?

Reduced Power Bills

On average, if a Sunshine Coast property has a 5 kW solar system installed, they’ll see a reduction on their electricity bills by $1,385.

Solar is Eco-Friendly

Unlike fossil-fuel generators, solar systems are green energy producers. So they don’t emit any pollutants into the atmosphere.

Easy Energy

With your solar panels, the only maintenance you’ll most likely need to organise is the inspection and cleaning of the solar panels.

Our Solar Power Services

Pedleys Solar provides all the solar services you need – from installing solar panels at your Sunshine Coast property to creating detailed energy audits. Discover all of our services below.

Lower Your Utility Bills with SolarSystems in Sunshine Coast

Slash your monthly electricity bills with Solar systems installation in Sunshine Coast. With natural resources depleting at an alarming rate, the need of the hour is to invest in a technology that makes use of renewable energy resource. With the installation of Solar Power Panels, break-free from the shackles of escalating power rates.Solar Energy and the benefit it offer to the users has gained quite a lot of popularity. The country is also witnessing a marked increase in the installed solar capacity. There is an added benefit of users allowed to sell surplus energy by selling credits that they have earned through their solar system.Choose Pedleys and enjoy an unending supply of solar energy.

Pedleys installs residential and commercial solar panels, there is no longer any need to bank upon unpredictable and costly energy rates. Sunlight is efficient, clean, and renewable; hence could be used to fulfill all requirements. After the proper installation of solar systems in the Sunshine Coast, the users can start looking forward to enjoying impressive cost savings. You can enjoy cleaner and affordable energy options for a long time to come. Get in touch with us at Pedleys and ask about our best solar panel and system packages. You will be amazed to find the benefits of getting this system installed on your roof for you to enjoy for the next two decades. 

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified installers who are known for their amazing workmanship. They are very polite and answer client queries immediately to help understand the entire process. Our technically qualified and competent professionals provide honest and accurate appraisals as to precise needs. They will also dispense with sound advice helping you to understand real-world savings potential. Embrace Solar Power Technology and be a part of the Solar Power community and enjoy immense benefits coming your way!

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