Solar Power Experts for Brisbane Residential and Commercial Properties

Brisbane has a lot of sun to offer. So if you’re looking to take advantage of it with solar panels, Pedleys Solar can help. Whether you’re in the city center or out in the distant suburbs, our team of highly trained solar power professionals can take care of all your solar needs.
Solar Power Brisbane


Solar Power Benefits

Once you invest in solar, you’re looking at a bright future of long-term energy savings. And you won’t even need to do anything.

After our experts install your solar system at your Brisbane home or business property, all you need to do is enjoy cheaper bills. So why invest in solar?

Reduced Power Bills

Brisbane residents who install a 5 kW solar system will see their electricity bills reduce, on average, by $1,385.

Solar is Eco-Friendly

Solar panels are powered by free energy from the sun, so they don’t release any greenhouse gases into the air.

Easy Energy

Solar panels are incredibly low-maintenance and, as they’re on your roof, they won’t take up useable space around your home.

Our Services

Pedleys Solar provides all the solar services you need – from installing solar panels at your Brisbane property to creating detailed energy audits. Discover all of our services below.

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