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There’s no better spot for solar power than New Farm. If you want to turn those sunny days into electricity for your home, Pedleys Solar can help.

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Reasons To Hire A Solar Installer in New Farm

Solar power is the new future of renewable energy sources for your home or commercial establishment. Since many places are now embracing the trends of sustainable energy, it is important to deal with the proper installation of the solar panels.

Here are the following reasons why it is beneficial to hire a professional solar panel installer in New Farm:


Installing solar panels is not an easy task since you will need to carry the panels to your rooftop. Climbing up and down using ladders is hard especially if you have a sloping rooftop that can give you a high risk of injuries or accidents.

Professional installers are fully trained to safely install your solar panels hence this eliminates the probability of injuries or accidents. They are also skilled and trained with installation techniques so you can guarantee that there will be no damage or breakage in your property.


This is one of the basic concerns of working with solar panels. Without professional help, you can only do a simple task like tightening your solar panels. Moreover, doing it yourself can cause short-circuits or electrical fires since there is a higher chance that you can damage your electrical cables.


Professionally installed solar panels can increase the resale value of your property since most buyers will look for properties that can save them money in the long run.

The standard requirement for proper installation of the solar panels is vital in boosting the resale value of your home or commercial building.


The most important factor when you buy and install the solar panel is its warranty coverage. Well-known and trustworthy companies can assure you that you can get the essential warranty coverage of your solar panels.

This is included in the installation service that the companies offer and the warranty coverage will not be offered to you if you decide to do the installation on your own.

With these, it is highly favorable and helpful if you seek professional help in installing your solar panels. Pedleys offers this benefit and service not only for our New Farm solar panel customers but we also serve clients on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and all over Queensland.

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